New Patient Exam

At Pine Island Dental , your health is our first concern and we want you to understand how important these New Patient Dental Examinations are to you and your health. We think they arethe key to delivering care that is suited to your wants and concerns. Here is what you can expect during your first visit. We always like to call this the “Meet and Greet” We first review the patients’ medical and dental history, and discuss any concerns that you mayhave.

We take a full set of X­rays and Intra Oral images of the mouth. Your Dentist will review all of the information gathered so far and then complete a full examination of your mouth, tongue, cheeks, jaw and surrounding muscles. Your Dentist also examines the outside skin around your mouth.

Your Dentist will then focus on each individual tooth from top to bottom, checking for loose teeth and any gum disease. He/ She inspect each tooth for visible problems such as hairline cracks, defective fillings, cavities, or signs of wear.

Lastly Your Doctor will spend the time necessary to review his findings with you and talk to you about the state of your dental health as well as the solutions to any problems you may have. Your dentist will then answer any questions you may have and spend time educating you on your needs, we find that this step empowers our patients taking the unknown out of the process andputs you the patient in control of your body and treatment. The Doctor will then pass his findings to his Treatment Coordinator Kelley, and she will use her vast insurance expertise to outline your costs of treatment, if any. And if you find yourself without insurance, don’t worry, we have several plans to make even the most complicated treatment affordable.

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